Bořetice, kostel sv. Anny

Holy Masses


The church dedicated to St. Anna is built in Bořetice, a village in southern Moravia in Břeclav district. The façade has been repaired recently, so the church almost “illuminates” the landscape. Nobody knows exactly when the pilgrimage tradition started. An old legend says that Saint Cyril and Methodius, brothers from Thessalonica, came into the village. It is said that they built a cross in the middle of a pagan holy grove. According to the legend it was the place where the church was built later. The reality is, that a little chapel used to stand there in the 13th century. The chapel was replaced by a wooden church later, but in 16th century it was destroyed by a fire. The building of today´s church started in 1680 and many believers donated it. Inside of the church you can admire beautiful baroque vaults and historical organ. In the big tower there are old bells, on the attic of the church you can get information about recent reparation of the roof. A baroque gate with restored front is a law protected cultural monument. The church won 3rd place for the best repaired cultural monument of South Moravian Region in 2008.
On the last Sunday in July, a traditional St. Anna´s pilgrimage is held in Bořetice. More and more pilgrims come there on foot. Annafest, a weekend festival of youth, is a part of the pilgrimage since 2007.

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