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Cloister Church


The beginnings of the history of Loreta at the Church of Saints John dates back to 1716-1719 to the construction of a Saint Hut surrounded by a cloister with chapels. The current appearance of the Loreta is the result of building modifications from the period 1723-1726 carried out by the architect Mořic Grimm.
The frontage consists of a narrow central part with a portal delimited by corner pilasters and side wings with a balustrade. On the pillars of the balustrade, on the sides and in the middle of the vase, there are statues of angels. The middle part is in the horizontal plane divided by profile cornices into three floors. Vertically, it is divided in a symmetrical way by a portal and by windows on the floors. One characteristic feature of the frontage is a rich sculptural decoration celebrating the Virgin Mary.
The entrance to Loreta is framed by a lining made of Moravian graywacke into which decorative ironed doors are fitted. On the sides of the entrance are placed statues of angels; they are standing on the plinths carrying a profiled cornice in the arch of which there is a cartouche with a Marian emblem.


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