Klobouky u Brna, poutní kaple sv. Barbory


The Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Barbara stands on a hill at the western edge of the village Klobouky u Brna. It is not far away from the parish church. The chapel was built in 1669 and more than 60 brick stairs lead to it. Worships were restricted in the chapel several times, but in 1852, all restrictions ended, and the chapel has served to its purpose again. It is a single-nave building, with an indented apse and two side chapels. The chapel floor plan is in the shape of the Greek cross. The main altar with the image of St. Barbara is the centre of the interior decoration. The walls of the chapel are decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from St. Barbara´s life. The side chapels are dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary and to St. Cyril and Methodius. The pilgrimage tradition started during the Baroque period there. Many miners in their uniforms came to worship their saint patron, St. Barbara. Nowadays, pilgrims come to the chapel on the feast of the Holy Trinity every year.

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