Veverská Bítýška, kaple Matky Boží u hradu Veveří


The chapel is from the beginning of the 13th century and it is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is built in Romanesque-Gothic style. It was a parish church at first, later it was used by the lords of the castle Veveří and it also became a cemetery chapel. The chapel was damaged several times: During the Hussite wars, during the invasion of Swedish army, and during the World War II. Fortunately, every time, it managed to repair the chapel successfully, so it has served its purpose for over eight hundred years. The cemetery around the chapel was used till the first half of the 19th century. Many people from village Veverská Bítýška and from other local villages were buried there, so this is the reason, why the chapel was not abolished during the reign of the emperor Joseph II. The remains of the deposed Swedish King Gustav IV Adolf were buried in the chapel for several years, because his son was the owner of the Veveří estate at that time. From the first half of the 14th century, a precious Gothic picture of Madonna of Veveří was placed in the chapel. This painting was made by and artist from workshop of the Master of Vyšší Brod Altar. You can see this picture in the Diocesan Museum in Brno now. Services are held occasionally in the chapel, but every year, the pilgrimage Holy mass is held there on Sunday before the feast of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The chapel is usually opened to public during the Church Night, and the Village Days too. During the main tourist season, the chapel is opened to tourists also.

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