Cíle a teze


Presentation of Christianity

Church Tourism offers possibilities to open for general public and let them meet Christianity.

Church tourism presents to general public pilgrimage places, Christian historical monuments and other places of interest that have the faith as the common denominator. At the same time it presents new opportunities to use the church buildings and interlinks the Christian historical monuments with other supporting activities that contribute to the renewal of spiritual, mental and physical power.

Atmosphere for meeting

Church Tourism helps to create the atmosphere of meeting

Visitors have a lot of possibilities to meet the Christianity by means of spiritual experience, dialogue, testimony of the local community, music, art, ...

Easy access offer

Church Tourism is for general public

The aim is to provide an easy access offer to meeting for those who have lost or have no real relationship to Christianity. Visiting pilgrimage places, church buildings, architectonic places of interest and supporting programmes, together with the atmosphere of holiday and relaxation provide us with the opportunity to approach general public.

The Church – a part of social & public life

Church Tourism wants to increase the interest in social and cultural value of churches.

Church tourism presents pilgrimage places, church buildings and Christian places of interest as an integral part of public and social life and points out their cultural value, roots and tradition out of which our nations have grown and which are still alive

An offer for future

Church Tourism is the beginning for further offer.

The way through which Christianity is presented in Church Tourism, provides all year follow-up offer. Those who have been addressed can use the follow-up offer and take part at other programmes.



Church Tourism presents the variety of Christian Church
Church Tourism offers visitors an opportunity to experience the variety of Christianity and its religious practises. Together with Catholic Church, other churches and confessions of Ecumenical Council of churches take part.
Opportunity to grow
Church Tourism is open to all parishes, orders and Christian church communities, that can join and let it become an integral part of the life of Christian Churches in our country as well as in the world.
Church Tourism is based on voluntary cooperation of parishes, orders and other Christian communities.
It is up to each Christian community if they want to join Church Tourism.
Involvement of the parish community
The content of Church Tourism is completely up to each Christian community (parish, order, ...). It ensures creativity and at the same time it helps to present the width of Christian life and culture because the Church Tourism offer corresponds to the character of single communities
Motivation of organizers
Courses, seminars and meetings will be provided to Christian organizers to get all information important for the development of skills and abilities needed for the care of pilgrims and participants of church tourism.
Economic sustainability
Church tourism supports the achievement of economic benefits out of tourism for all parts of local community.
The development of tourism provides opportunities to be beneficial to member parishes, to families as well as individuals and take advantage of local resources
The visual style and presentation at www.churchtourism.eu connects Church Tourism throughout Europe and makes it internationally known. The Brno bishopric provides coordination of Church Tourism together with member Christian communities